Hello, I’m Patricia Julie Mbuyamba.

If you love to read about LIFESTYLE, you entered the correct keyword.

I created this blog because I want to share with you my encounters with people with such rich and different backgrounds who never hesitate to go for the Extra Mile. 

Being in my 40s, I felt the need to express myself differently. I studied Print Journalism because I wanted to create a magazine for African women. This was many years ago!!! I work in the Compliance department for a bank in Brussels. I live in Liège, outside of Brussels, with my husband and my 3 children. Even though I’m busy with family and work, I manage to keep a social life because I love to meet people and most of all LAUGH.

I’m of Congolese descent. I was born and raised in Belgium. In between my birth and now, I lived in Algeria and in the United States for a few years. I’m used to meeting people from everywhere and I love it.

Life is an everyday struggle. No matter the obstacles, I remain positive and enjoy life.